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Agtech Carbon is transforming agricultural and environmental sustainability through patented, innovative biochar solutions and integrations.

Carbon Applications

Restoration, Agriculture & Beyond

Algae Blooms

Nutrient-dense Soil Fertilizer

Phosphate mining

Carbon-neutral feed pellets

Landfill waste

Conversion of Unrecyclable Plastics

Algae Blooms

Water and Ocean Filtration

Phosphate mining

Efficient Silica Production

Image Sourcing

Hurricane Debris, Tree Waste, Plastic Waste


Patentented Kiln Burns at 1,400º for 14 Hours


Preparation for Agriculture and Environmental Use


Integration for Restoration & Growth

Economic and Social Impact

Reviving farms + Bamboo Cultivation

Reinvigorating citrus farms with bamboo offers both ecological rejuvenation and sustainable economic growth. Agtech Carbon’s land initiative promises environmental restoration and a thriving bamboo industry.

Empowering Inner-City Youth

Inner-city youth can gain empowerment and entrepreneurship opportunities by using and selling products made from innovative biochar boards.

Jobs, Cleanup, + Carbon Credits

Cultivating bamboo creates a dual benefit: cleaner air and a new source of carbon credits. Agtech Carbon’s initiatives drive job creation, economic empowerment, and effective debris cleanup, fostering sustainable local economies while restoring the environment.

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